Covid-19 Vaccinations

Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination Policy

UPDATE September 15, 2021:  Recently the Manor Park Community Council (MPCC) announced that it was implementing a mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policy not only for our own staff, Board Members and volunteers -- but also program participants. 

Our vaccination policy is consistent with our commitment to helping keep our community safe from Covid-transmission, and also consistent with public health requirements of the province and city.

The province requires full vaccination for people at a recreation facility.

Beginning on September 22, 2021, all program participants eligible for Covid-19 vaccination will be required to provide MPCC staff with a proof of 'full vaccination' against Covid-19 before entering the facility and / or participating in a program.

Full vaccination means receiving two doses of a Health Canada approved vaccine PLUS fourteen (14) days wait time.

Read our Mandatory Vaccination Policy.

How do you provide proof of vaccination?  Participants are asked to provide their vaccine documentation to their program instructor on their first day of attendance.  Good news! Vaccination status will be noted and further documentation will not be required during a program session.

In October, when Ontario releases its electronic Covid-passport, program participants can use this electronic tool as proof of vaccination for program participation. To get proof of vaccination, download your vaccination receipt here

We feel that this added layer of protection supports health screening, masking and physical distancing.

Anyone registering for a program before September 10 -- when the vaccination policy was announced -- may request a fee refund by emailing (But, we would rather see you here, active, engaged -- and vaccinated!)


September 10, 2021:  All of us at the Manor Park Community Council (MPCC) can’t wait to have you back for in-person fitness, sports, art classes, the after-school program --- and community events! (Yes, we are busy planning all of these for you.)

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the MPCC has been committed to providing a safe environment for our program participants, as well as our staff and volunteers. The MPCC has just added another layer of protection by adopting a Covid-19 vaccination policy.

Beginning this fall, all vaccine-eligible program participants, staff, Board Members, and volunteers will be required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

The MPCC is working on the details of our vaccination policy, but wanted to share this news with you right away.

If you need to get the Covid-19 vaccine, there are lots of options daily in Ottawa. (And, walk-ins available at many locations!)  Check out the clinics. 

To get proof of your vaccination, download your vaccination receipt here.

Thank you for helping keep yourself and our community safe.

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