Summer Sports

Registration OPEN for Physically Active & Physically Distanced Sports Programs for Kids! 


Summer Sports

Parents! Dust off your children’s running shoes and get the wine ready. The kids are getting out of the house!

The Manor Park Community Council is excited to get back onto the sports fields and prove that kids can be physically active AND physically distant.

This program will feature a mix of warm ups, skills, drills and exercises aimed to get your child back into those fundamental movement patterns - running, jumping, twisting and SHOUTING!

With updates and guidelines on re-opening changing weekly, this program will be designed to grow and evolve with those changes. Games and activities will evolve as reopening plans evolve. We offer a creative mix that draws on our programming expertise and public health recommendations.

You have likely heard that actual games and scrimmages are not yet allowed. So what can your child expect? Capture the flag! Track and field! Soccer using “table top hockey” style lines painted on the field to ensure physical distancing! Program plans that are developed with THEIR input! Program plans that are adaptable so that we can start playing games as soon as we are able.

Most important? We promise to send you home with tired children!

Better with (Outdoor) Basketball

All-star basketball instructor Manock Lual and his team are back for another round of high-energy basketball programs. This time, with one big twist - we’re taking it all outside!

Look for all the same things you loved in MPCC’s Better with Basketball program. Your child will run, jump and shout their way into a love for one of Canada’s most in demand sports.

An outdoor court, more basketballs and smaller groups make this program the perfect opportunity to get your child outdoors. With actual games and scrimmages on hold for now, Manock and his team will focus on a creative mix of conditioning + skills and drills. That mix will evolve as reopening plans evolve, we promise to start playing games as soon as we are able!

What Better with (Outdoor) Basketball truly offers is a creative mix that draws on our programming expertise and public health recommendations.

Most importantly, we promise to send you home with tired children.

Parents! Don’t tell your kids, but all MPCC sports programs are rooted in the fundamental movement patterns and the principles of long-term athlete development (LTAD). What does that mean? Our programs will build heavily on running, jumping, dipping, dodging and twisting. This helps build strength and prevent injury while building skills that are applicable across all sports. Are we looking to craft the next generation of sport superstars, not necessarily… but don’t forget about us if we do! Our goal is growing a passion for sport that will carry through childhood and into the rest of their lives! We strongly believe that sports programs should foster hard work, accountability, teamwork and most importantly – FUN.

All MPCC sports programs for children are proudly COED and welcome players from all neighbourhoods, abilities and skill levels.

Update on Spring Sports Programs 

Baseball, East Ottawa Flag Rugby, Soccer and Sideline Fitness

The Manor Park Community Centre, parks and sports fields, are closed until June 30, 2020. We are confident that a successful (and fun!) Spring Sports season will transition easily into July and August, should public health officials deem it safe. We are working closely with the City of Ottawa, coaches and suppliers to ensure that we are ready to go should physical distancing measures relax in time for July. Unfortunately, should physical distancing measures extend past July we may be forced to cancel the Spring Sports season. 

The situation surrounding COVID-19 and physical distancing measures changes daily. We are commited to monitoring these updates and their impact on our Spring Sports programs. We do sincerly appreciate everyones patienced as we await definitive updates from Public Health officials on the length of physical distancing measures.


Once we recieve definitive updates from Ottawa Public Health and Government Officials we will update families with the new dates for Spring Sports programs.  Existing registrations will automatically transfer to the rescheduled date(s). 

If the rescheduled date(s) do not suit, you should contact the MPCC in writing so that a credit for program fees can be applied to the Amilia account where the original registration was made. The credit can be redeemed for any program or activity offered by the MPCC – early learning, children, teens and adults – until December 31, 2021. Please note that credits from recreational programs cannot be applied to monthly fees associated with ‘Before- and After-School in Manor Park’.

Should we be forced to cancel Spring Sports programs, we will email each registrant and automatically apply a credit for program fees paid.

Credits get an extra 10%!
We are asking families to keep their registration fees with us by accepting a credit for future programming. This will help to ensure that we are able that we are able to get back up and running as soon as possible. To express our thanks for accepting a credit for your recreational registration fees, we will be topping up its value by 10%. In other words, your $100 registration credit can be used to purchase $110 of recreational programming.  (Sorry, but the 10% top up cannot be redeemed for cash).

The Manor Park Community Council aims to build a strong and liveable community where residents develop their bodies, minds, and community spirit through recreational activities. We strive to support our neighbourhoods and families. We understand that accepting a credit for a cancelled or rescheduled recreational program is not possible for all families.  Requests for refunds for program fees paid should be sent to and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

Donate your registration fee!
You may also donate your registration fee to The Opportunity Fund – created to help those in financial need (all ages!) participate in our recreational programs. In 2019, neighbourhood children played soccer, baseball, attended arts programming and Summer Day Camps thanks to the generous support of residents through The Opportunity Fund.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from The Opportunity Fund – just let us know! (Yes, it is that easy). 

Thank you

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at with any questions, clarifications or concerns. 

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best, 

Josh Cassidy 
Sports Supervisor 
Manor Park Community Council 

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