Summer Day Camps Content 2019

4-5 year old campers
6-10 year old campers

Summer Day Camps 2019

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Summer Day Camps, for children aged 4-10 years, are really popular in Manor Park! Families select from a variety of themed half-day camps, with the option of a free supervised lunchtime for those attending both morning and afternoon camp. Extended camp hours (8:00 - 9:00 AM and/or 4:00 - 5:00 PM) are offered for an additional fee at time of registration.

Camps take place in and around the Manor Park Community Centre. All camps combine active sports and games, arts & crafts, songs, and time in the splash pad. Experienced instructors, with the support of high school students and junior leaders create the camp magic. We have about 20 children per camp.

Campers should bring:
Campers should bring a healthy, waste-free & nut-free snack, reusable water bottle, hat, bathing suit, water shoes and a towel with them daily. It is recommended to apply sunscreen before arrival whenever possible or provided for the camper to apply themselves.

NEW for 2019:
Litter-less or waste-free lunches are highly encouraged at Summer Day Camps in Manor Park. Not only is a litter-less lunch great for the environment but also encourages healthy eating and keeps trash and food wrappers from ending up on the ground. Whenever possible, it is encouraged to send campers with reusable lunch bags, waterbottles and food containers.

Please note:
Campers must have celebrated their 4th birthday prior to the first day of their camp.
Spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, upon completion of the online registration and receipt of full payment.
Families are urged to register early to secure their preferred camp week or theme.

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Vacation plans changed? Need an extra week? Please call us at (613) 741-4753 or email us at

Ages 4-5
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ACTIVE ADVENTURES – Being active can mean a lot of things! From sports, to cooperative games, to acting out a dramatic scene! Campers will go on adventures that will keep them moving all week long!

NOT ALL HEROS WEAR CAPES – Heroes come in all shapes and sizes! Campers will learn about exciting people and careers in their own community. From doctors to dog walkers and firefighters to farmers, there is more to being a hero than wearing spandex and capes!

ASTONISHING ANIMALS – Did you know that an octopus has three hearts?! And, that a platypus lays eggs? Animals are astonishing! Campers will get creative while learning about animals from land, sea and sky!

KIDS IN THE KITCHEN – Campers will explore new foods and flavours through taste, touch and smell all while learning about the importance of a healthy diet! Exploring Manor Park’s own children’s gardens will show that eating fresh, locally grown produce can be fun AND delicious!

Ages 6-10
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URBAN FARMING – We love campers with dirty hands – and green thumbs! The Manor Park children’s gardens are flourishing! Packed full of fresh tomatoes, crispy lettuces, root vegetables and squash – campers will tend to, harvest and taste beautiful, fresh produce grown right here in Manor Park!

CARDBOARD KINGDOM – That’s not a box – that’s a castle! Or maybe its a fortress with hidden passages inside. Or a race car perhaps? A box can become anything when you use your imagination. Campers will upcycle cardboard to create cool, one-of-a- kind creations.

GARDEN GASTRONOMY - Marinera sauce made from fresh, hand picked tomatoes. Fragrant, fresh pesto and crispy, garlicy green beans. Campers will be making gastronomic delights focused around fresh and healthy food grown in the tower garden and Manor Park’s own children’s gardens.

ALL THE SPORTS - Campers will stay active trying all types of sports. Good sportsmanship and games just-for-fun will ensure everyone is included! Tennis, baseball, soccer and even pickleball!

THE ARTIST IN ME – Anyone can be an artist! Campers will express themselves – and their creativity – through open ended projects. From painting to sculpting and everything in between, campers will discover and nurture the artist within themselves.


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