Year in Review - the Top 10!

Allison Seymour


I’d like to share our TOP 10 highlights from 2021, which continue to shape the Manor Park Community Council (MPCC) and its important role in the community.

1. MPCC Team thriving.
The Board of Directors could not be prouder of the talent, enthusiasm, creativity and dedication of the MPCC team under the leadership of Lana, Meagan, Steph and Josh! COVID forced many changes to the work environment, and yet we found ways to support employees and ensure morale remained strong.  The team never faltered in delivering fun, dynamic and safe programming.

2. New delivery model with virtual and in-person programming.
Having become expert in virtual program delivery in 2020, and with the return to in-person programming in 2021, MPCC was able to leverage both methods to offer fitness, recreation and activities for all ages. Residents embraced both outdoor and zoom programming; @Home Activity Kits & My Little Learning Kits continued to be in high demand, and home deliveries of treats from the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and on Valentines’ Day were a big hit.

3. Licensing of Manor Park Playschool.
This important milestone strengthens MPCC’s ability to offer programming to preschoolers, which will enhance our Child Care & Early Learning pillar. It also provides new employment opportunities at MPCC for Early Childhood Educators (ECEs). We also saw an increase in our Before and After School registrations which was very welcome after taking such a hit with closures in 2020.

4. HUGE participation in Summer Day Camps.
These were the first “re-opening” activities and they sold out in minutes! Enthusiastic participants and creative staff made for lots of summer fun.

5. 1805 Gaspe begins to take shape.
Planning began for a phase-in of programing to develop this site into a thriving community hub. This is an amazing opportunity gifted to the community by Manor Park Management and we are excited to be a lead partner.

6. Ottawa Cares volunteers delivered 34,000+ food bank hampers.
Initially launched in response to an increase in food insecurity when the pandemic hit in 2020, the program grew in 2021. With the dedication of an incredible Volunteer Coordinator, working with food banks and a network of volunteer drivers, this has been a very impactful program, and has created a blueprint for the Ottawa Food Bank to continue home delivery of hampers in 2022.

7. Pints in the Park (Winter Edition) brings together 500+.
A fresh snowfall set the scene beautifully for friends, families and neighbours to come out and connect -- and they did! Little did we know that the next wave of omicron would hit Ottawa shortly after, so the timing was perfect and the event was a huge success.

8. The Rink.
MPCC was able to negotiate with the Manor Park Public School to permit use of the rink in winter 2020-21 and provide the community with access to this beloved recreational activity. New uses of the rink were introduced from “pond hockey” to The Backyard, and the addition of twinkle lights and a pleasure rink on the west lawn made it an even more magical experience.

9. Health as a priority and COVID prevention.
The MPCC worked diligently to prevent the spread of COVID. The Board and senior leadership responded quickly as public health measures evolved through the year to ensure the health of staff, volunteers, and participants. We had zero cases reported last year.

10. Financials stay strong.
COVID continued to put a strain on our traditional programming revenue due to shut downs and/or restrictions. Thankfully government supports, including Emergency Wage Subsidies, and other grants, ensured the continued viability of the MPCC and our strength as an employer in the community.There is an expression I’ve heard various times over my career - “if you don’t know where you are going then any road will take you there”. 

The Manor Park Community Council (MPCC) endeavours to provide opportunities for members of the community and beyond to develop their minds, bodies, and community spirit.  MPCC is a not-for-profit organization that has been providing recreational programs, and now licensed child care, in Manor Park for more than 35 years.  We draw on an impressive group of local volunteers and employees and are well connected with many local businesses and organizations.  A volunteer Board of Directors guides an excellent committed staff who range from full-time employees to sport- or program-specific part-time employees.

MPCC offers a wide variety of year-round programming.  Our core programs consist of:

Before- and After-School in Manor Park

MPCC is a licensed third-party provider for the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB). Students from kindergarten to grade 6 enjoy games, sports and free-play, as well as specialized art activities.  Programming generally follows the OCDSB calendar. Families are served through flexible registration options and fee subsidies.

Manor Park Playschool

Experienced instructors provides preschoolers with the best 'preparation for kindergarten' -- in a warm and caring environment. Laugh, learn and play! Now, licensed child care.

Nutrition Break Arts

Our roster of exciting activities, these lunchtime programs offer engaging activities such as chess, gardening, science, or cooking to students at Manor Park Public School during nutrition breaks.

Sports and fitness

MPCC offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports and activities for children 4+ to adult.  Recent on-trend and innovative programs included flag rugby Sevens, and Heart Wise fitness. 


Workshops, sessional fine arts, drama, health & well-being, cooking, sewing and knitting -- the selection of arts programs satisfies every interest.

Summer Day Camps

Well-known and well-loved. Our summer day camps are very popular and are known to sell out quickly. Incredible, qualified and vaccinated staff make the magic happen. Expect fun in the large sports fields, lots of outdoor play, organized and free exploration activities, arts, crafts, music, nature, creativity and more. Our camps follow all Covid-19 guidance set by Ottawa Public Health. Click here for more information.

Special community events

MPCC organizes a number of community- and family-oriented free events of the year, including 'Pints in the Park' (July); ‘Rock the Block’ (September); ‘Skating Party & Chili Cook-off’ (February) , and the Ottawa Marathon Hydration Station (May).  Throughout the year, speaks at Manor Park Talks share their expertise and stories.

The MPCC recognizes and thanks the City of Ottawa for the mandate and Renewable Recreation Funding grant. Programs are financed on a cost recovery basis by fees, grants and donations.

Community volunteers are an essential part of a livable and vibrant community.  The Board of Directors meets every fourth Wednesday (September-June) at 7pm.   Guests are always welcome.


Lana Burpee, Executive Director  lburpee@manorpark.ca

Child Care and Early Learning

Meagan Noonan, Supervisor, Child Care & Early Learning mnoonan@manorpark.ca
Mohammed Cheikhezzein, Assistant Supervisor, Child Care & Early Learning mcheikhezzein@manorpark.ca


Bradley Ackert
Halime Ayata
Kathleen Casselman
Mohamed Cheikhezzein
Tetyana Gedeonova
Zakia Kaddir
Sindy Lopez
Susan Mokh
Ndoole Muhima
Fatouma Omar
Jenny Ou
Nadisha Samuels
Aliya Satifa
Gloria Uwamahirwa
Hannah Wade

Day Camps

Stephanie Sears, Supervisor ssears@manorpark.ca
Melanie Proulx
Clara Fraser-Roberts
Jikael Gagnon
Julia Gent
Anna Jack
Nate Kalabric
Sarah Murphy
Otis Zollinger
Felicia Till


Stephanie Sears, Arts Supervisor, ssears@manorpark.ca
Josh Cassidy, Sports Supervisor, jcassidy@manorpark.ca

Cerys Besson, Skating
Stuart Bowden, Baseball
Doug Coughler, Dungeons & Dragons
Ed Deluca, Rink
Henry Dressler, Rink
Clara Fraser-Roberts Baseball
Cate Hachigian, Pilates
Louise Hannant, Adult Fitness, Heart Wise
Laurie Hemmings, Watercolour Painting, Drawing
Jordan Inglis, Soccer, Baseball
Dylan Jones, Multi-Sport, Skating
Nina LePage, Adult Fitness, Yoga
Tonya Marr, Adult Fitness
Chelsea Passmore, Fitness
Michelle Ruel, Ottawa Cares
Eric Satura, Rink
Mathieu Sincennes, Rink
Gloria Uwamahiwa, Soccer
Vuk Vukajlovic, Rink 
Hannah Wade, Skating
Lindsay Watson, Acyrlic Painting, Drawing
Antonia Weetman, Acrylic Painting, Collage
Otis Zollinger, Soccer


Christine Bloch, Knitting Circle
Sheila McMillan, Manor Park Strings
Jennifer McMullen, Sew Amazing Sundays
Marianne van derJagt, Knitting Circle
Martin Zollinger, Ergonomics Discussion
Gary Goodacre, National Gallery of Canada

The Manor Park Community Council (MPCC) strives to give people with disabilities the same opportunities to access and benefit from our services as others, and to provide services while respecting their dignity and independence. For our policies or to tell us how we are doing:

Community Centre Office: 100 Thornwood Road, Ottawa, ON  K1K 4Y1  613-741-4776
Child Care and Early Learning Office: 100 Braemar Street, Ottawa, ON K1K 3C9 613-741-4776